Skip Barber Driving School at Road Atlanta

Skip Barber puts on driving schools at Road Atlanta periodically based on your interests and experience levels.  It’s on Highway 53 at the 129 Exit of Interstate 85.

Kids 12 and under are free at all events.



  1. Thank you for providing the directions and area location of Road Atlanta. I tried to find it on the Skip Barber website and had no such luck. That tends to be “secret information” kept only until after one is registered. I googled road atlanta and found your website. Again, thank you.


  2. If you or anybody else can give us some feedback on what it’s like to take the courses at Road Atlanta that would be cool. I think that some type of defensive driving course should be mandatory before anyone gets a license here in Georgia. Now it’s almost a given if you can fog a mirror. I can’t believe people read newspapers held against the steering wheel rolling down I-85 (eyewitness to this).


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