Ten Prayers That God Always Says Yes To

Photo by Jesslee Cuizon

Have you been having a crisis of faith maiinly relating to God’s allowance of the untold human suffering and misery through the ages?  Does God really care about me and my little world when the whole planet is in upheaval?  Well, my wife got this book, finished it, and told me that I should read it.  Great, something else that tells me how bad of a person I am, what I am doing wrong, and how disappointed and angry God is with me and pretty much every part of my life.

Wrong on my part.  The book is called Ten Prayers That God Always Says Yes To by Anthony DeStefano.  Beginning with the prayer for God to show us that He is real, we will find inspiration if we earnestly seek it.  This is not a give-to-get book or anything like that.  Believe me, I am skeptical about many people when they say they have all the answers and, yes,  I still have plenty of questions, some that maybe only God is supposed to know.  DeStefano doesn’t pretend to have all of the answers but in a non-judgemental way points us to the God who does.

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