Have the coolest notebooks around for back-to-school.

For $50 per order, we can personalize each notebook with each of your students' names.

Do you have access  to your school logos and crests?  What about those professional photos of the different teams and clubs that are taken for the yearbooks and game programs?  Do you think that maybe the students at your school would like to have something useful, inexpensive, fun, and ruggedly durable?

This is a new product but the creators have been around since 1961.  They have researched and refined this product for months and months.  They use only Heidelberg presses of which the German company itself touts the following: “

A Heidelberg press is a high-tech device consisting of up to 100,000 parts and components. The work that takes place along the entire production chain has to be accurate to within a thousandth of a millimeter and error-free. The end product, consisting of up to 50 tons of cast iron and electronics, has to function with greater precision than a Swiss watch.

In other words, this ain’t the copier in the closet down the hall.  The printing company, already in business for almost five decades, cares enough to invest in these complex beasts to make your printing products the best possible.

NOT the copier down the hall in the teacher's lounge

Okay, enough suspense already, John.  This necessary tool that will help instill more school pride………….customizable notebooks. Put your school crest, club crest, or business logo on the front outside cover.  Heck, one of those cool pics of the Senior players or cheerleaders or the band ……….you get the idea.

If you own the photo or have permission to use a photo, logo, crest, banner, etc. then you can make your own 72 page, full-sized (8 1/2 in. x 11 in.) standard-ruled notebook.  It even has a standard 3-hole punch if you want to put it in a separate 3-ring binder notebook.  Order 100 or more notebooks and you can choose from 9 different coil colors.

The creators want to get this off the ground quickly so they have okayed that the back outside cover of the notebook can be imprinted too for FREE. Not just black and white either, this is full-blown, eye-popping, vibrant color print.

I took this photo with a Canon Powershot SD630 and Berkmar High School liked it so much they are using it on their notebooks.

Note: As of June 23, 2011, orders for between 250 and 499 notebooks are reduced from $2.49 each to $2.29 each.

If you want to put more stuff on the inside front and back covers, add a flat fee of $39.95 (for the graphic design set-up fee) and then $.50 (fifty cents) to the price of each notebook.

Would your school's business partners and sponsors like to promote themselves and maybe even pay for the notebooks?

Satisfaction is guaranteed or we make it right.

Contact me at john@johnrobertconley.com or 678-386-4694.

If you are a representative of a school, business, club, church, or similar organization I’m so confident that you will like these, that I will have a free set of six made for you with no further obligation to buy any.

Am I crazy? Possibly; that’s over a $30 value. They’re that good though.

Have fun and please let me know how we can be of service to you.



Summerour gave away a notebook to each student at the beginning of both semesters last year.
We ship via UPS. Each box contains 32 notebooks that are shrink-wrapped in sets of 8 to cut down on movement within the box and for easier unpacking and distribution.
These Corvette photos were taken by me with a Canon SD630. I had notebooks made and gave them away as samples. One notebook on eBay even sold for $12.95 including shipping.
These are perfect for team or club photos...you can even use in-action shots from the games.
Clean and simple graphics and colors can make a elegant statement too.
This Elementary school put the daily schedule on the inside cover.
We design and print yearbooks, brochure, posters, calendars, folders, and other items. Just ask for a free quote by contacting me at 678-386-4694 or at john@johnrobertconley.com.

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