Are your customers naked?

Columbia® – Long Sleeve Tamiami™ II Fishing Shirt

They might as well be if you aren’t giving them some cool caps, shirts, windbreakers, or something with your name and company logo on them.

Make sure your best customers and clients are wearing and using your caps, shirts, outerwear, workwear, and even blankets or golf towels (and more) to promote your business. Hunting season is almost here.  How about camo hats? Be fun and creative, do something unexpected and make your interactions with your customers memorable.  Give them another reason to tell your story and recommend you.

Put your logo on some high-quality clothing and let your customers show off your good taste and remind them that you’re in business.  Here’s a link to our online wearable catalog.

Satisfaction is guaranteed as always.  Call Bob Conley at 912-682-6379, John Conley at 678-386-4694 or e-mail me at for help or questions.

Ladies Concept Scoop Tee LM1003 by Port Authority


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