Save your ad dollars and remind your customers how much you appreciate them with this new creative masterpiece

Two inside covers and a back cover made of a notebook

How would your client know that you care about him or her?

  • Remind your clients and customers of how much you appreciate their business ….EVERY DAY and for not much money.
  • Use your creativity and make a personalized spiral-bound, made-in-the USA, notebook for them.
  • Take a picture of your satisfied clients using your product
  • Show off your office staffs’ smiling faces
  • Give those top 20% of your clients all of the contact methods for your business…website, Facebook, Twitter, e-mails, phone numbers, address, the key punch code to your condo at P.C. Beach, etc.
  • Make an emotional connection with visuals and words and a tangible GIFT, etc. ….stay in front of your most profitable customers every day with something that they will use and remember how much they like doing business with you so they will keep on doing business with you and tell their friends about you.
  • Write a personal message of thanks in permanent marker (Sharpies are inexpensive and waterproof)…only to the customers you want to duplicate
  • You will stand out as long as you back it up with your deeds. When’s the last time you got a hand-written note from a business manager, salesman, or owner saying “thanks for your business”?
  • Let me know if you want a sample; there’s no obligation.
  • Here’s our Flickr page with many examples.

Contact me at or 678-386-4694 for assistance or you can call my Dad, Bob, for help in the Coastal Empire around Bulloch County. His number is 912-682-6379 and e-mail is

Satisfaction is guaranteed or we make it right.


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