Journey is more than “Don’t Stop Believing”…37 more essentials

Escape from Journey is on my turntable now…you might like it.

Vagabond's Rose

A few days ago I opened up Spotify on my computer and searched on “Journey.” I scrolled down and found the entire “Evolution” album.  It was like I had reconnected with an old friend when I started listening to those tunes.

On a rare visit in 1980 to Woodstock to see my Aunt Essie and Uncle Clarence, we drove into the small downtown area just for a break from the chickens that dominated their yard and the scratching and smelly dogs that owned their home.

There was an old record shop where I managed to grab a few minutes of searching the bins.  I listened to the radio everyday and was building a music catalog slowly.  My budget was tight and I didn’t want to get stuck with an album with one good song and a bunch of weak filler tracks so I took my sweet time.

Journey's "Evolution" Album Cover Journey’s…

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