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I was raised from age 7 in a college town surrounded by row crop farmers, Statesboro, in Bulloch County, Georgia.   Statesboro, or “the “Boro,” is about 50 miles from Savannah.  My Dad and Mom still live back in Bulloch at the old home place, the farm, that I have so many fond memories of when my grandparents were still alive.  Dad has retired from preaching but still fills in occasionally when a church is between pastors.  He also is building homes and the occasional commercial project around the county.  My brother, Mark, helps him out too. Somehow, my Mom has managed to keep her sanity working 40 years for the same legal firm which shall remain nameless so to keep me from getting sued and her from getting a Christmas bonus.

When I go back now, it feels so odd.  I ask questions about places and people I remember and “whatever happened to…….” and start feeling real old.  Oh well, life goes on.  It is still a charming college town and kinda quiet.  It would be cool to have a horse farm and a pond there some day.

After four and half years at Southern, I earned a BBA in Business Administration.  My Mom and Dad always worked hard and encouraged my brother and me to to do the same.  So we did.  Until I graduated, I had a lawn-care company that eventually my brother took over.  I also dug graves, sold men’s clothes, worked in cable television, and helped my cousin, Noel Burnsed, with his portable sign company.

So, like many a man in love with a beautiful, green-eyed, good-hearted blonde who looked top-shelf in miniskirts, I followed my wife-to-be back to Atlanta.  I dated pretty much any girl that would go out with me in college and knew that she was worth trying to keep.

If I can assist you please contact me at or 678-386-4694. I like to meet new people everyday and would welcome the opportunity to speak with you.



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2 thoughts on “John Robert Conley

  1. Curtis:

    That was kind of you to think of me on this deal. It didn’t work out but that’s okay; something will. God is working on me and humbling me pretty good right now. I enjoy your humorous e-mails and insight and hope you have a good year for you and yours.

    Regards, John


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