Somehow we made it 21 years together

The first time I met my wife, Ginger, she was driving a brand new red 300ZX with t-tops in the local Kiwanis Ogeechee Fair Parade circa 1986.  Her roommate, Terri, was a Southeast Bulloch beauty queen and she was also in the small group of girls who managed to go out with me more than two times.  The one-and-done ladies were close to having enough to fill out a platoon at Fort Stewart however.

I was driving my 1966 Dodge Coronet 440 Convertible with some business ladies from Bulloch County.  When we were waiting for the parade to start I walked down the line of cars and talked to Terri while Ginger mostly ignored me while she sat in the Nissan.

The next year at Georgia Southern Ginger and I were in the same Business Ethics class.  The professor asked us to rank the most important things in life to us.  Surprisingly, we were the only two to put our relationship with God as number one.  Ginger remembered me from the parade and thought there must be a little more to me than the impression I made on that day.  We started dating not long after and have been together ever since.Wife

Ginger 2 for blog


2 thoughts on “Somehow we made it 21 years together

  1. Congratulations! When is/was your anniversary? I wonder if Ginger’s maid of honor (can’t remember her name, surprisingly) ever thinks of me.


  2. Dear “Anonymous”, her name was Lola she was a showgirl….wrong event….her name was Delores and she married an Auburn man. They live in Virginia and have two kids, some chickens, and other pets. I’ll ask her if she ever thinks of you.


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