(SOLD! Let me know when you need your real estate listed in Gwinnett County.) A Snellville Corner for this PRICE !


This easy-to-find lot is ripe for picking in this buyer’s market. It was recently listed for $350k and is now reduced by almost 50%. Are you a dentist, doctor, or other professional wanting to serve the South Gwinnett/Snellville residents? If so, you will be severely challenged to find a better location at a less expensive price.

Looking at parcel across Sims Road

Gwinnett County has approved in principal (final pending) the rerouting of Rosedale Lane to the back line of this property. It can then be paved down to the existing springhead. This will allow the family that occupies the land behind this parcel to still maintain access to their homes. Will they be good neighbors? They love the area. According to one of the family, this land was settled by one of their ancestors in the late 1800’s. They’re proud of the old homeplace and probably not going anywhere anytime soon.

The parcel has some beautiful hardwood trees that are decades old and maybe over a hundred years in some cases. These could be incorporated into the design of any outdoor sitting area, parking areas, and the location of the building. It’s a level lot too. Access will be available from Highway 124 and Sims Road.

Well established neighborhood of lifelong Gwinnett residents

The parcel is located where Highway 124 and Sims Road meet (there’s a convenient break in the median on 124 here). Rosedale Lane runs on the back part of the parcel. The land is almost midway between Ronald Reagan Parkway and Annistown Road – about 2.7 miles each way.

Next intersection going north on Highway 124

Highway 78 is less than 2 miles away. Take a left on it and head to Atlanta (I-285 is a little more than 12 miles) or a right and you’re on your way to Loganville or Athens.

Interstate 20 is roughly 10 miles south. Stonecrest Mall can be found at this intersection. Discover Mills is 10 miles north at Interstate 85.

Or take a break at The Avenue at Webb Gin which is less than 4.5 miles north (just a little past Ronald Reagan on the right). You’ll find a Barnes and Nobles, Chili’s, Bonefish Grill, Doc Green’s, Ted’s Montana Grill, Red Robin, and Longhorn’s Steakhouse.

Red Robin (YUMMMM) @ The Avenues @ Webb Gin



Ted’s Montana Grill at The Avenues @ Webb Gin



Gwinnett School of Music on Highway 78…close, very close, fa, la, la



For more info, plats, and pics click here to go to the Loopnet site.

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