Suicidal? You are not alone. Please don’t give up.

Several years ago, one of my business associates and friends took his life.  I don’t why. It’s sad in several ways.  His family and friends miss him certainly.  He had been blessed with enormous talent, smarts, and abilities.  He was unique just like all of us are in our own way.  I think back to my last phone call with him and my last meeting with him.  Could I have done or said something to have made a difference?  Was he searching for hope?  I don’t know.

If you or someone you love are thinking that life is hopeless and not worth living, please contact the people with The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-2855.  They even have a special section for Veterans too.  Here is a resource locator for Veterans where you just have to put in your state or zip code.  Here’s a Mayo Clinic article about what to do when someone you know is suicidal.  The National Institute for Mental Health has more articles and resources.

Please get help.  God gave all of us a combination of talents, abilities, gifts, and personalities that do make each of us unique.  There is no one else like me or you.  Even when life seems to be not worthwhile, look for something good.  Yes, this world is full of evil and sadness and pain.  Yet, there is still love and mercy and beauty and justice too although I know sometimes it seems hard to find.  We need each other and, if we reach out, we might find others looking for us too.

I am in the real estate business.  It has been horrible for me especially since our firms’s focus had been on finding land for developers.  Well, the latest stats I have seen say that metro Atlanta has 120,000 developed lots already on the ground and ready to go.  Gee, I guess I need to focus somewhere else, you think?  I’ve had to realize that my value as person is not based on my income or my net worth or my influence.  If it is, then I am in trouble.  God can teach me better now because I am listening more intently.  Maybe give Him a try.


Benefits for Georgia Veterans

The Georgia Department of Veteran Service has a list of benefits for Georgia Veterans.   They oversee The Georgia War Veterans Home in Milledgeville too.