Meeler Strikes Again

Donnie Meeler of Meeler Septic Services called and said he would be here the next day to service my septic system and make an upgrade that he had been thinking about lately.  He showed up on time, cleaned the filters, and made sure everything was allright………..just like he said he would.  If you need help with a septic or alternative septic system, try him out.  He came highly recommended to me by somebody who knows this stuff inside and out and he could probably help you out a jam and save you money.  Try him at 770-231-1421, or


Find Your Favorite Restaurant’s Inspection Grade Before You Head Out

Check out that eatery before you get sick again.  My wife insists on a 92 but I go for an 87 or higher since I figure my immune system needs a better workout.  East Metro Public Health puts out a report on their website.