A Must-Read Regarding Why Men Are Not Going to College

Here’s a thought-provoking and engaging article about why men aren’t showing up on college campuses as much as women.  Read the comment section too.  It’s from www.AmericanThinker.com.

George Reisman Writes on the Ludwig von Mises Institute Website

George Reisman makes a compelling case that laissez faire capitalism is not the cause of our current financial setbacks.  He also has another article from the summer that begins wondering if Obama is an American version of Hugo Chavez. 

More articles and books regarding these type of issues can be found at the Ludwig von Mises Institute website.  If you are serious about learning about the soundness of money systems, why private property rights are important, and why free market economies are vital to our liberties and financial well-being as individuals and nations, look around their site some more.

Educators should not miss this website and its resources.

National World War II Museum

I finished reading D-Day: June 6, 1944 – The Climactic Battle of World War II  by Stephen Ambrose.  My maternal Granddad participated in this event and was captured and lived as a prisoner-of-war in Holland for a while.  He would tell me a little bit about his time in the war and how he could still recall different events decades later.  I think we should remember what kind of sacrifice was made to keep our country free of socialism, fascism, communism, and the tyranny of the monarchy.  Our unique combination of freedom, responsibilities, and democratic capitalism that our republic exhibits deserves an honoring of our past, learning from our mistakes, and striving to improve an imperfect living experiment that should never lose the inherent rights of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

If you are interested, there is a company called Stephen Ambrose Historical Tours that you may want to examine.

It’s on my list to see, The National World War II Museum, in New Orleans.  They even have lesson plans for teachers and an entire section devoted to education. You can even try a virtual field trip or video on demand.