Try The Salmon and Fries at McCray’s Tavern in Lawrenceville, GA


I ate at McCray’s Taven on the Square in Lawrenceville with my friend, Greg, the other day.  He felt sorry for me I guess when he agreed to meet me.  But not sorry enough that he picked up the tab.  It was raining buckets.  So, being smart guys, we ate inside.  I had, on the waitress’ recommendation, a smoked salmon taco or something like that.  It had a sauce that was scrumptious.  The fries were not too greasy but crispy just the way I like them.  The waitress was friendly and I would like to go back and try the roof tables when the weather warms up.

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2 thoughts on “Try The Salmon and Fries at McCray’s Tavern in Lawrenceville, GA

  1. I would have liked to have have tried McCray’s. However, they apparently don’t want my money and are not interested in my business. All last fall, everytime I drove through the square in Lawrenceville, they had large UGA flag hung from the railing on their rooftop deck. Not once, all season did I see a Georgia Tech flag, even the weekend the two local schools played. I choose to take this as they are not interested being patronized by Georgia Tech fans. Fine by me, there are many other options where I can spend my dining dollars.


  2. I went to Georgia Southern and it’s rare to see any hint of my school up here. It would be interesting to see a poll of how many folks support Georgia Tech or Georgia since they are the big Division I football schools in the state. Maybe you could check out a Gwinnett County Alumni Group for Tech or start one up and meet at your favorite restaurant.


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