Food Allergy Alerts to Your E-mail

You can get Special Allergy Alerts from the Food and Anaphylaxis Network which is handy if your family deals with these.

I just had a buddy break out in hives all over his body and have swelling of his lips and tongue. He works in the printing industry and, so far, it’s  looking like a latex allergy.  He even has irritation in his mouth when he eats kiwis, bananas, and tomatoes.  Robert even had to get an Epipen shot.

Check out the American Latex Allergy Association for more information on latex allergies.  They even have a link to cross-reactive foods.

4 thoughts on “Food Allergy Alerts to Your E-mail

  1. I have a real bad milk allergy. I have to be very aware when going out to eat. I think this website is very cool. Thank you for your service of informing others with allergies. please send me more information reguarding diners that dont add milk to there foods.


  2. Mr. Leboff: I can’t vouch for these websites, of course. This one,, might be a start for you. Here is a link to the page they have regarding dining out: Here’s another one that may prove beneficial:

    I hope that is helpful to you. Our family struggles with these issues too and has had to make calls to fast-food corporate HQs to try and get answers which are sometimes vague. I guess maybe the more sophisticated restaurants are the way to go. This is all kinda wild. Take care, John


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