The Food Allergy and Anaphylaxis Network Alerts by E-mail

Peanut and Peanut Dust Warning Sign - photo by Dan4th

If you have any kinds of allergies, especially food-related, you should take a peek at this website and get on their allergy alert e-mail list.  When an allergen is found contaminating a food and has not been stated on the package or somehow a processed food has mistakenly been in contact with a known allergen, this group will issue and e-mail alerts.  This is a cool service and potentially life-saving.  Check out the website.  You can choose to receive e-mails on the front page.

Allergy - photo by Fimb


Food Allergy Alerts to Your E-mail

You can get Special Allergy Alerts from the Food and Anaphylaxis Network which is handy if your family deals with these.

I just had a buddy break out in hives all over his body and have swelling of his lips and tongue. He works in the printing industry and, so far, it’s  looking like a latex allergy.  He even has irritation in his mouth when he eats kiwis, bananas, and tomatoes.  Robert even had to get an Epipen shot.

Check out the American Latex Allergy Association for more information on latex allergies.  They even have a link to cross-reactive foods.