The Ironic Circle of the Mortgage Mess

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This is an excerpt from an article by Mike Larson at

“You have to appreciate the irony here. The Fed is trying to extract money from Bank of America … a bank that received tens of billions of bailout dollars from the federal government and that has been artificially propped up by the Fed’s easy money policy! And the money management firm that’s going after Bank of America, BlackRock? It’s 34 percent owned by Merrill Lynch, which is … you guessed it … a Bank of America subsidiary! You can’t make this stuff up.”

You can subscribe to the free newsletter about money and markets from Weiss Research, the only rating agency in the United States that does not take money from the companies that it rates.

Dr. Martin Weiss has even written The Ultimate Depression Survival Guide.

Here’s a link to their forecast record.They’re worth a look if you’ve never used them before.

Welcome to Gotham (BOA in Atlanta, actually) by basheertome



The Brothers Krissinger and your jewelry needs.

Some of my best friends from back in my Statesboro days (WHO THAT?? WHO THAT?? WHO THAT?? trying to beat Statesboro High!!! – sorry, had a cheerleader moment) are running their own jewelry business online now. Brothers Paul and Dean Krissinger have a company called Eyes Desire Gems and Jewelry.  It’s run on Ebay so, of course, it has all the benefits of doing business on there.


Cool Pirelli Watch

You might want to check it out.  Here’s link to some cool watches that are discounted.

Avalon Limo Service of Monroe – ask for Chris, the owner…he cares about his customers

We had the pleasure of using Avalon Limousine Service of Monroe on Saturday of this past weekend.  The driver was a lady with a big smile and pleasant disposition.  The extended Ford Excursion was spotless on the inside and outside and looked new.

Okay, maybe the same thing could be said for others in the limo business.  What set Avalon apart was the owner, Chris Calhoun.  My oldest son left his Epipen injector for severe allergic reactions in the limo once he was dropped off for his formal in Duluth.  We were able to get Chris on the phone and set up a time to pick up the Epipen which Chris had secured from the limo.  Chris was able to meet me in Monroe a few minutes after midnight for the dropoff.  He was still working for other clients and had a run to make to Hartsfield-Jackson.  Chris was gracious and friendly in helping us get the medicine back in case we  needed it that night.  He was patient, never seemed perturbed, and was willing to accomodate my schedule.

I would recommend his service to anyone that needs limousine transportation.  I’d never met him before Saturday night and am glad that I did.

Here’s a link to their page for reviews. Reach them by phone at 770-207-0677 or e-mail at


Maxie Price’s Service Department dudes are cool.

If you need your vehicle serviced, give Phil Ferrara or Steve Kelly a call at Maxie Price Chevrolet in Loganville, Georgia. Phil stayed late on a Saturday to take care of my old Toyota with 186k miles on it.  He even had a good attitude.  He didn’t stay around just for me;  there were other nicer vehicles than mine that needed service too.  However, I didn’t get a rush job because my Avalon was an old beat up ride with interior parts falling off and a strange-smelling trunk. (Although, I did notice him using anti-bacterial rinse after shaking my hand.)

We have a Suburban that was purchased there new so I’ve got to know him and Steve.  They’ve been there several years and are professionals in the best sense of the word.




Forget about bending over picking up baseballs again – who needs that pain?

My cousin, Clint Conley, is a private baseball instructor based in Gwinnett County, Georgia.  He has created and patented a device to hold baseballs for batting practice and easy transport.  It is perfect for soft toss – no more sitting on the ball bucket and reaching in it for the balls.  Sit on the top and reach under for the baseballs.  Another reason you might like one is that it also acts as a ball retriever.  Kinda like a tennis ball retriever except for baseballs.

Clint has had to get 20 or so patents on this creation.  Here’s a link to his website with all of his contact information, photos, and video demonstrations.  Very cool and saves your back.




Are your customers naked?

Columbia® – Long Sleeve Tamiami™ II Fishing Shirt

They might as well be if you aren’t giving them some cool caps, shirts, windbreakers, or something with your name and company logo on them.

Make sure your best customers and clients are wearing and using your caps, shirts, outerwear, workwear, and even blankets or golf towels (and more) to promote your business. Hunting season is almost here.  How about camo hats? Be fun and creative, do something unexpected and make your interactions with your customers memorable.  Give them another reason to tell your story and recommend you.

Put your logo on some high-quality clothing and let your customers show off your good taste and remind them that you’re in business.  Here’s a link to our online wearable catalog.

Satisfaction is guaranteed as always.  Call Bob Conley at 912-682-6379, John Conley at 678-386-4694 or e-mail me at for help or questions.

Ladies Concept Scoop Tee LM1003 by Port Authority


Try it, you’ll like it – pubbing in Grayson with Mary.

Actor Anthony Quinn, seated in the middle at left, dining with group at an unidentified restaurant Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Recently, I met a good friend at The Hail Mary Sports Pub in Grayson.  I ordered the grouper salad and sweet tea.  The food was delicious, the tea was just right (sweet but not overdone), and the atmosphere was like you’d want for a business appointment.  Our servers were friendly and attentive, the TVs were tuned to sports and some soap opera but I don’t remember it being noisy.  Even the bathrooms were clean.


The Hail Mary Sports Pub on Urbanspoon

John Robert Conley Atlanta restaurants

$20k (or more!) property tax bills keeping you awake at night?

View of Atlanta’s downtown by victoriaemeredith

Call Randy Scott at Fellers, Schewe, Scott and Roberts, Inc. for assistance. I’ve known Randy since 1992. He’s a smart, hard-working man and will be able to help you. These are good folks with offices in Atlanta, Georgia and Tampa, Florida.

They work with businesses and individuals all over the southeast United States including citizens of South Carolina, North Carolina, Tennessee, Alabama, and Florida.

Let them examine your situation, maybe save yourself some money, and sleep a little better. Call 770-621-9548 or email them at You won’t be sorry.


What should you eat in Atlanta before it’s too late?

The Varsity by Afroswede

Meredith Ford Goldman has a quick read called “5 Things to Eat in Atlanta Before It’s Too Late.”  The Varsity is on the list.  Read it here.

The Varsity's sign in downtown Atlanta by soupstance